Graduating students

The Spring 2017 Commencement ceremony for graduate and undergraduate students was held Saturday May 13, 2017 at 9:00 am at WisePies Arena. Check back here next semester for more information about the next ceremony.

Student signup is closed

The deadline to sign up was Thursday May 4, 2017 at 8:00 am

Master's and undergraduate students can still participate in the ceremony. Just show up at the arena as if you had signed up, and we'll check you in. PHD students can also check in at the ceremony, but must have pending degree status to be allowed to walk.

What to expect the day of the ceremony

You will enter the arena and check in with event staff roughly an hour before the ceremony begins. You will be given a card with your name and degree information on it. As you are about to walk across the stage, will hand this card to the reader. After you walk across the stage you will sit back down until the ceremony concludes. The entire ceremony will last approximately three hours.

Students must be dressed in academic regalia to walk at the commencement ceremony. Regalia can be purchased at the bookstore.

Undergraduate Students

You will wait in the bleachers on the west side of the arena, and be led down the stairs to the pit floor at the beginning of the ceremony.

PHD and MFA students

You will wait at the south end of the building, with faculty and platform members. Before walking to the floor you will be placed in line behind your hooder, and students and hooders will walk down to the floor and sit together.

Master's Students

You will wait upstairs on the club level of the arena. At the start of the ceremony you will line up and be led downstairs to the arena floor.


Map of commencement parking
For Google Maps directions to the arena, click here

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students enter the arena along the west side of the building. The closest parking is the north end of the west parking lot.

Master's Students

Master's students enter the arena at the northwest corner. The closest parking is the north end of the west parking lot.

PHD and MFA Students

PHD and MFA students enter the arena at the south end, through one of two possible doors. The closest parking is the south end of the west lot, and the south end of the football stadium lot across the street.

Handicap spaces

The nearest handicap spaces to the student entrances are west of the arena. Cars with handicap placards are allowed to park in any designated parking space.