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Departmental Convocations

The main UNM Commencement ceremony is held at the end of the Spring and Fall semesters. UNM graduates from all levels of every school and college are invited to attend. University-wide Commencements are very large events, with several thousand students and guests attending. Because they last as long as two to three hours there isn't time to offer a great deal of individual recognition for students.

Many schools, colleges, departments, and programs also hold their own departmental convocations. Convocations are generally much smaller, and can give departments a chance to provide more individual recognition of their graduates in a more personal atmosphere. Students are encouraged to celebrate their achievements to the fullest, and attend both Commencement and their departmental convocations if available. Check with your student organizations too, some clubs and smaller organizations may also have their own ceremonies, even if they aren't listed here.

Full Summer 2023 convocation schedule

Organizations and departments

All of the listed departments have used this site to list their convocations within the last three semesters. If you don't see a department here, you can also contact them directly to see if they have a convocation but have not listed it on this site.

Want to list your department's convocation here? Contact and we can help you add your department or organization to our self-service convocation system. You'll be able to list your department here, and even have access to tools for collecting student and faculty RSVPs for your event.