UNM Presidential Scholarship

For the past thirty years, Presidential Scholarships have been awarded to graduates of New Mexico high schools who come directly to the University of New Mexico to commence undergraduate education. Presidential Scholarships are funded by contributions of individuals, corporations, alumni, faculty, staff, and the University’s Hugh Woodward Trust Fund. The Scholars receive their award for four consecutive years if academic standards and full-time progress toward a degree are maintained. The University is pleased that the Presidential Scholarship Program has attracted some of New Mexico’s finest students to the campus.

Abigale Aldrich
Domilyse Armijo
Ema Arnold
Max Aycock
Caitlin Baca
Matija Barrett
Matthew Bossert
Richard Briggs
Grace Cairo
Melanie Cartron
Maritza Chavez
Cierah Clowe
Tyler Damron
Samantha Delap
Sean Thomas Delica
Emily Dinwoodie
Miles Donahue
Emmaline Duvall
August Finke
Jaclyn Gallegos
Leslie Garcia
Butheina Ghweir
Alexander Glick
Kira Gone
Emerald Goranson
Andrew Green
Chase De Guio
Ariana Gutierrez
Rachel Habing
Samuel Hafer
Alyssa Harrison
Livia Hensley
Matea Hoover
Connor Houdek
David Hughes
William Jennings
Dana Jose
Sean Kelly
Kyle Kennard
Brandon Kennard
Isaiah Kongsvik
Kenneth Le
Timothy Le
Jordan Lee
Jonathan Lloyd
Daryn Luera
Amanda Marbourg
Autumn Martinez
Isabelle Monroe
Selina Montoya
Mario Morford-Oberst
Adam Overstreet
Elizabeth Raby
Reshma Rajan
Luis Calderon Reyes
Mary Roseman
Michael Sabol
Ryan Shaffer
Alan Shen
Hallie Simoes
Sarah Smith
Kyra Sprague
Sierra Stapleton
Isabella Starkweather
Sahana Ummadi
Michaela Vigil-Lujan
Matthew Weinstein
Abigail White
Gregg Whitford
Myah Wilmarth
Stacey Wommack
Michelle Young
Helen Zhao