Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wear my tassel?

How do I wear my graduate hood?

Can I get help putting on my regalia?

Where do I pick up my regalia?

Where do I get honor cords?

Can I display attire that represents my heritage outside of my regalia?

Is there a place to store my personal items?

Will there be photographs available for purchase?

Where do students pick up their name cards?

What happens if graduates lose a tassel, hat, or need a last-minute regalia replacement?

Where do students line up?

Why do I have to sit with my class/school?

Where do I go if I arrive late and everyone is seated?

Where is the elevator to get to The Pit floor?

Why do you need my email address?

Where do faculty line up?

When do graduates get their diplomas?

Where are the water fountains located/where can I get something to drink?

My family can’t attend, how can they watch the livestream?

Where is the best place to park?

How early should students plan to arrive before the ceremony?

How early should faculty plan to arrive before the ceremony?

Who is the contact for special accommodation requests?

Where do graduates meet their families after the ceremony?

Will there be an opportunity to take photographs on stage after the ceremony?

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Where can I get additional copies of the commencement program?